Rock ‘n’ Roll Team Building

The principal is simple. We use the process of learning a song to develop key skills required in the workplace.

The practice can be complex; requiring of a group of people, completely out of their depth to achieve a difficult and acutely tangible goal – to make a popular song sound good!

The training is designed to promote the development of skills including: Leadership, Strategy, Influencing, Confidence and Cooperation.

The format of the training is 4 – 7 delegates (who will make up the band) to one trainer. We can train several “bands” at any one time by bringing several trainers with us.

The session is broken down into 4 key areas:


The beginning of the session is tactical in the sense that the trainer gives two options of song (one easier, one harder); shows how the songs are broken down by component; sets out the scoring system and the rules that must be applied.

It is then over to the group to pick a song and organise who plays what instrument in order to ultimately achieve the highest possible score. Providing there are at least two groups (so a minimum of 8 people) taking part there can be a fun competition element; namely, a competition to see which group achieves the highest score.


The trainer will then set about 1:2:1 tuition with each band member to get each person doing their bit. Once the individual components are coming together the trainer will start to co-ordinate the band members into an actual band, hopefully with plenty of time to practice the song in full several times before the assessed performance.


The assessment will be judged on three key areas; Complexity of the song, the Quality of how the song is played and how entertaining the Performance was. There are a number of ways to make the judging more exciting if you wish; each band mark the other, trainers mark each other’s band, bring in a senior member of staff to do it etc.


We film snippets of all aspects of the session and of course the final performances. This enables the trainer to provide feedback and promote further learning opportunities. After the day, we make a short video for the team to share and enjoy.

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